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Progressive Slots

Slot machines appeared many years ago. Since then slot makers improved this game for its fans. With technological development Internet Slots and free casino Slots became available, and the game became more popular. There are a lot of different interesting facts in the Slots' history. Millions of people play this game all over the globe. The reason of its popularity is that the rules of the Slot game are very simple. People that do not even have any experience of playing this game have chances to hit a jackpot. This article highlights the information about Progressive Slots Jackpots.

What are Progressive Slot machines?

Progressive Slots are a group of several machines which are connected in a network. The Progressive jackpot is formed by different players' contributions in all machines in the group. It means that Progressive jackpot continues to increase until somebody hits it. That is why the jackpot can reach more than $5 million.

Progressive machines' types

Standalone progressive

This type of Progressive jackpot machine is not connected with any other machines. It catches a percentage of the previous bets and adds them to the highest winning combination. The payback is usually the same as in the other Slots machines.

In- House Progressive

These Slot machines are linked together and operated by one or more casinos of the sane gambling company. The jackpots of such machines may not be multi-million but they may be quite large win. They hit more often than other types of progressive jackpots.

Wide Area Progressive

These machines are linked together by the network from other unrelated casinos. In comparison with other Progressive Slots which are operated by some gambling company, Wide Area Progressives are operated by independent gambling company. IGT (intelligent graphics terminal) operates such games as Megabucks and Quatermania. The payback of these machines is lower because of the linking and administrative costs.

So, now you know the main types of Slots Progressive jackpots. Choose thee machine which suit you and try to hit a really big jackpot.