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Liberty Bell

In the late 19th century, to be more exact, in 1895, the gambling industry was born. Who could tell back then that a simple invention would have such an enormous impact to our world?

Charles Fey

Every industry has its pioneers - for gambling industry it's Charles Fey.

He was in mechanics from his early days, back in Germany, and when he came to San Francisco, he made his strange little machine - the first slot machine ever.

The idea was simple - 3 reels, each with 10 pictures, and when you spin the reels they eventually stop and get you a combination of 3 pictures in a line. If you are lucky, the symbols are of the same kind. Therefore, you put the coin in, spin the reels and hope you will get the prize. It was simple as that.

Money prizes

The best thing about Charles' invention was that he offered money prizes, and that was something irresistible for the players of the time. They were used to get gums or drinks playing on different poker-like machines available at the time.

Different symbols had different prizes, so, you could get a prize for 3 heart symbols, or for 3 spades. However, the jackpot was reserved for the combination of 3 cracked Liberty Bells the slot was named upon.

Did we mention that the slot was a huge hit? Entirely new game with money prizes, who could resist?

Slots in Vegas

Charles had all kinds of troubles not only with authorities, but also with some anti-gambling activists, not so happy about the money prizes like players were.

Nevertheless, he continued not only to produce his Liberty Bell slot, but also new, more complicated models. They soon became the huge hit also in Las Vegas.

As we all know, the popularity of slot machines is enormous - although in today's offer there are more sophisticated machines with all kinds of features, some players still enjoy playing the old-fashioned 3-reel slots. They may be peaces of history, but they are still irresistible.