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Mills Liberty Bell

The slots machines' popularity is undeniable, although the fact is that Bugsy Siegel put them in his Casinos in Las Vegas just to entertain wives and mistresses of his gamblers, while they were playing some serious games, like poker. Well, even today some gamblers wouldn't consider playing slots.

Nevertheless, the slots are the most popular game in online Casinos today, and the story started more then hundred years ago, in late 19th century. At first, they had a version of a poker based machine, known as 'nickel-in-the-slot-machine.

It wasn't easy to get good hand playing those machines, because there were only 50 cards in a deck, not 52 as it should. However, they were quite popular, even if the prizes were just drinks or cigarettes.

Liberty Bell Slot Machine

The things changed drastically after the first real slot was invented. The man responsible for that was Charles Fey, German mechanic and inventor.

His invention was a simple 3-reel slot with ten different pictures on each reel. You should insert coin and pull the plug in order to start the machine. The combination of three same symbols would get you a reward, and if those three symbols were the pictures of Liberty Bell, the jackpot.

Charles' machine was innovative in more than one way, but the most important fact was that it had cash rewards, so it soon became a great hit among players.

Soon they started to manufacture all kinds of versions of slot machines. One of the biggest producers was Herbert Mills, who was able to produce large quantity of them, thanks to his assembly line.

The fruit symbols' story

Well-known fruit symbols appeared on the slot machines at that time. However, the story behind that is much more interesting. Considering the fact that the slots with money prizes were forbidden by the law by then, the proclaimed prize was the candy of the lined-up fruit flavor. Of course, the player would get his real prize, cash, usually from the bartender, as the machines were mostly placed in saloons and coffee shops.

Slot facts

Every slot machine is designed to earn money for his owner, and the percentages may vary, but the fact that you can win only the portion of inserted coins, remain. The percentage can be set up as low as 75%, up to 99%. Therefore, you should find those with higher percentage displayed. The chances of hitting the jackpot are small, that is the fact. However, so much higher is your enjoyment when it actually happens.