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Pay Table

Every slot machine has a pay table, and it is the first thing you should pay attention to, when choosing the slot.

This is actually the list of winning combination for that particular machine with the winning amounts for possible numbers of inserted coins.

It isn't very complicated - on the first line you will most probably see the jackpot combination, and how much you can win in case you bet 1, 2 or maximum number of coins. Obviously, the highest number of coins gets the highest winning amount.

The list continues displaying all the other possible winning combinations.

What else should you consider?

The decision is entirely yours, but you should also remember few things; the biggest bet may mean the biggest payout, but chances of getting jackpot are much smaller then, for instance, the lowest payout. On the other hand, if you get the jackpot, and you didn't bet the highest number of coins…. All depends on your own decisions. So, try to calculate in front - consider your account, the time you would like to spend gambling, percentages and, of course, the pay table.