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Slots Work

Before computers and online Casinos, slots machines were quite different, although the principle of playing was the same. Put the coin in and pull the lever. You didn't have to have any practical knowledge or experience, just lots of luck.

However, in the very beginning, no one knew what enormous potential this new game had.

In the early days, slots were settled in Casino halls, or corridors, just to entertain non-professional gamers or their wives, or the accompaniment of professionals, while they were playing roulette, poker or blackjack.

The new device soon became a leader among Casino games, not only in popularity, but also as a profit supplier, with 60% share.

Today all online Casinos offer all possible kinds of slots, with great graphics, different sound backgrounds, all sorts of special features, bonuses and so on.

However, how was the first model functioning?

Well, it was not very complicated machine, naturally. It had three reels, with various pictures, or symbols on them. The pay line was a little front window, cause back then they had only one pay line. There was also a hole for a coin, and that's it.

What was hidden inside the slot?

Inside the box, besides those 3 reels mentioned before, there were also two iron shafts, one the reels were connected to, with three notched discs, and the other, which supported the kicker and the stoppers. In short: kicker was designed to put the stoppers in right position, while the stoppers kept the discs, and the reels, to be exact, on place.

Pulling of the lever would result in kicker movement, what would release the stoppers and made the reels spinning. In its way back on place, the kicker would activate the stoppers, and they would stop the reels, one by one, not all at the same time. That was due to the fact the device was designed in such way that only stopping of the first reel would activate the stopping of the next one.