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Every culture has its own myths. Superstition is something deeply involved in our lives. Some people really believe Friday the 13th is unfortunate day, although they never heard the story of Templars. Almost in every part of the world they have some sort of superstition regarding black cats, good and bad numbers, days of the week and so on.

Among slot players, superstition is something generally accepted - almost every player believe in some of the most popular myths about slots, not to mention their own beliefs about days of the week, numbers, colors etc.

Some beliefs are specific for different cultures, for example, 7s is considered to be 'lucky number', and not only if you play slots, and 13 as a 'bad' number. However, different cultures have different beliefs considering 'good' and 'bad' numbers.

Therefore, we can roughly divide those beliefs to those generally accepted, those that are culture-related and those depending on personal opinions of the players.

In Casinos, there are some players willing to play just in specific time of the day, only if it isn't Friday, to play only the slots nearest to the door etc, there are those who carry their lucky charms…

RNG doesn't care about all that

Nevertheless, above all beliefs mentioned, there is a sweet belief that you can somehow fool the slot machine.

Slot machine is not a living thing, and it cannot tell the color of your sox. It's not capable of liking or disliking you. Random Number Generator, a little device that randomly chooses the combinations, operates it. There are no winning cycles, and the next combination has nothing to do with the previous one. There is always a possibility of winning the next round, as well as a possibility of loosing. In addition, all depends on how lucky you are and did you press the button in the right time.

Some things are up to you, by the way. You should read the pay table, take care about winning percentages, calculate your odds, be careful with your budget, plan your playing time and try to have as much fun as possible.