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Fruit Machines

When Charles Fey invented the first slot machine in the late 19th century, it was the beginning of the era of slot machines. No one could predict such huge popularity. All the later slot machines were, one way or the other, based on his invention.

Soon after, when they started to produce slots with fruit symbols, they also added bars and 7, but the money prizes weren't allowed. Therefore, you would get a candy of lined-up fruit flavor, or something like drink, or cigarettes.

Well, that wasn't quite so, as the matter of fact. There was a silent agreement to get the money under the table, so to say. That was the main reason slots remained so popular all those years. Nothing attracts people like money does.

How the things were in UK?

Fruit machines became popular in UK almost instantly, and it remained so until now days. However, there was one little difference. In 60's, slots games with money reward became legal assuming there was some level of skill necessary for playing. Thanks to that fact, the machines were modified accordingly. So, until now days, they offer some specific features.

Fruit machines became distinguished cultural feature in UK. You could find them in all kinds of places, pubs and train stations, arcade clubs and stores… on all the places with high frequency of people, and everybody loved them.

Until 2007, you couldn't find those Fruit Machines even in UK online Casino Gambling sites, but since they became available, they've become a huge hit among players.

Their popularity rises daily, together with the number of game variations and all kinds of special features of the game.